Congressman Earl Blumenaur on the TPD Framework


  • Expand access and opportunity for generational wealth and prosperity for the formerly incarcerated:

    • Fully fund auto-vacature/expungement of cannabis related arrests and convictions
    • Provide full re-entry support services to those returning including access to healthcare, housing, education, employment, and business ownership
    • Provide pathways into every level of the legalized cannabis industry for employment and ownership incl trainings, subsidized fees, and access to Capital
  • Institutionalizing integrity in the industry:

    • Ensure the highest quality product and integrity from seed to sale
    • Expand research to provide the best health outcomes
    • Have culturally competent, culturally reflective, and trained budtenders
    • Expand horizontal licensing, not vertical licenses to create the most diverse and accessible industry
    • DO NOT expand criminalization in efforts of compliance,instead invest in real pathways into the industry for those from the informal economy
  • Pathways to Prosperity in the industry:

    • Ensure licensing on all levels goes to the formerly incarcerated and over criminalized communities harmed by the war on drugs in commensurate rates to their arrests for cannabis related offenses during the war on drugs
    • Provide training, subsidized fees, and access to capital for over criminalized communities in a timely manner and ensure equity licensees are able to join the industry at the same time as everyone else
    • Build in incentives and pathways for hiring, upward mobility, and board seats of companies for them
    • Reinvest in over criminalized communities at commensurate rates to their arrests for cannabis related offenses during the war on drugs via tax revenue as well as reinvestment funds from companies in the industry