We created The People’s Dispensary in 2016 because the cannabis market was not serving our needs as people of color, women, queer people, veterans, formerly incarcerated and people with chronic illnesses. We started in Oakland thinking we’d serve a few hundred of our friends – but we quickly developed a loyal, diverse, active client base of almost 4,000 members, with a monthly retention rate of 85%.

As we began to expand, however, we realized we were only solving part of the problem. The cannabis industry was (and still is) exploding, but the communities we served – some of which had been historically harmed by the war on drugs – were unable to benefit from its legalization.

  • They were not accredited investors who could passively benefit from an emerging market
  • They lacked access to capital and business development training to build their own companies

With this knowledge, we were no longer content to only reach these communities – we wanted to uplift them. Our equity structure, which remains unique to the industry, allows people to help bring dispensaries to their towns, enrich their communities, and improve their quality of life.

The cannabis industry is projected to become a $500 billion market. The People’s Dispensary makes sure it leaves no one behind.

Christine, Chaney, Charleen, and Michael
National Co-Founders, The People’s Dispensary

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