The People’s Dispensary provides high-quality cannabis products and expertise.  Currently located in Oakland, CA and Portland, OR with rapid expansion to other cities across the U.S., equity is at the core of our business and our values.  We commit 10% of our net profits to our local community reinvestment funds because we believe that the cannabis industry is a change catalyst for empowerment in our communities. Our customers are our investors, our friends, our employees, and our family. Join us.


Our unique equity model lets our consumers – many of whose communities were historically harmed by the war on drugs – benefit from the legalized cannabis industry.

Individual Equity

Small and non-accredited investors may legally invest between $1,000 and $50,000 into their local dispensary

Employee Equity

As part of the employee benefit package, housing assistance enables our employees to live in, and enjoy, the communities they serve

community equity

Invest a portion of future profits into community reinvestment funds that support needed future initiatives in each of our communities

“Today’s investors in the cannabis industry will generate returns akin to those created in the early days of Silicon Valley’s tech market.”

Forbes Magazine


We’re as devoted to inclusion inside our walls as we are in our broader society. Each dispensary returns 10% of net profits back to its local community – promoting health, wealth, and well-being for those communities – and our individual consultations and educational services make each customer feel informed and welcome.

| Individualized client consultations

| Expertise in medicinal regimen recommendation

| High-quality product

| Educational services to foster an informed community

| A warm, relaxed, inclusive environment

Bring the People's Dispensary To Your Community

We’re in talks all over the country about potential markets for The People’s Dispensary. Want to learn more about bringing The People’s Dispensary model to your city? Tell us why your community would make a perfect partner.


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