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Christine De La Rosa

Co-Founder, CEO

Michael Schlieker

Co-Founder, Operations

Chaney Turner

Co-Founder, Branding

Charleen Caabay

Co-Founder, Customer Experience

M Y T P D   N A T I O N A L   TEAM

Marcus Glover

Chief of Marketing

Aima Paule


M Y T P D   R E G I O N A L   TEAM

Mike de la Rocha

Los Angeles Co-Founder

Melorra & Melonie Green

San Francisco Co-Founder

Gidai Maaza

Fresno Co-Founder

Cesar Casamayor

Fresno Co-Founder

M Y T P D   A D V I S O R Y   TEAM

Sara Battery

The Batterby Group

Malachi Garza

Burns Institute

Mona Webb