We created The People’s Dispensary in 2016 because the cannabis market was not serving our needs as people of color, women, queer people, veterans, formerly incarcerated and people with chronic illnesses. We started in Oakland thinking we’d serve a few hundred of our friends – but we quickly developed a loyal, diverse, active client base of almost 4,500 members, with a monthly retention rate of 84%.

As we began to expand, however, we realized we were only solving part of the problem. The cannabis industry was (and still is) exploding, but the communities we served which make up the largest segment of this industry, were not being reflected in the new, legal cannabis market.  Here is what we know:

  • Communities that surround the dispensary create the most value for our company.
  • Communities that know we are invested in their wellness and health are our best brand ambassadors.
  • Communities that see us providing workforce development and workforce opportunities will invest in our success because we are invested in theirs.
  • Communities that buy from us understand our commitment to them.

The cannabis industry is projected to become a $500 billion market. The People’s Dispensary takes this unique opportunity to bring, the best cannabis to its communities, financial wealth to its investors and create many opportunities to uplift the communities it serves.

Christine, Chaney, Charleen, and Michael
National Co-Founders, The People’s Dispensary