Our leadership will be traveling the country throughout 2019 to meet with government officials, community organizers, and everyday citizens about The People’s Dispensary Community Social Equity Model.


Equity is at the core of The People’s Dispensary’s values; we provide investment opportunities that directly benefit our customers, employees, and communities.

An Opportunity for Good

Small and non-accredited investors may legally invest between $1,000 and $50,000 into their local dispensary. Our unique equity structure allows people of all backgrounds to passively benefit from the booming cannabis industry – meanwhile, your investment allows The People’s Dispensary to reach more communities than ever.

Employees Empowered

We are committed to providing benefits to our employees that go above and beyond the industry standard. Investments in The People’s Dispensary help to provide housing assistance for our employees, along with salaries that enable them to be more active members of their local communities.

Lifting Communities

Be mindful of your dollar. A portion of every sale goes back into the community, promoting health and wellness across generations. These initiatives include empowerment coaches, body work, cooking classes, and other capacity-building workshops alongside traditional charities.

Want to learn more about bringing The People’s Dispensary to your city? We want to talk to you, too! Tell us why your community would make a perfect partner.