Chaney Turner

Co-Founder, Branding

Chaney Turner, an Oakland native, is an entrepreneur, capacity and community builder.  As the founder & CEO of Social Life Productions, Chaney has created and curated Oakland based events for the LGBT and larger community for over 12 years. In 2016, their efforts garnered them the honor of receiving the East Bay Express “Best Event Producer” award. In 2016, they founded Town Biz Oakland; a retail store that specializes in statement apparel and functions as a safe space for community events and fundraisers.  In 2017 they received the Oakland Indie Award, “Ripple Effect” for their intention to preserve Oakland culture and create a platform for Oakland artisans. They later received the Townie Award for “Small Business of The Year” for their civic engagement.

In 2017, Chaney co-founded The People’s Dispensary, a dispensary that targets multiple, marginalized communities such as; POC, Queer, disabled, formerly incarcerated & poor people. The mission of the People’s Dispensary is to embody, embrace and encourage integrity in cannabis. Chaney leads community change with intention and embodies Oakland’s history, culture, and activism. They continue to be recognized for their ability to bring together diverse communities, curate events, fundraise, and advance equity through advocacy.